Welcome to the Enchanted Realm Studio at the Silverleaf Renaissance Festival

In the woods of Kimball Pines Park, Queen Arianna resides over this Middle Ages kingdom.  Enjoy the pictures below of Sir Edward Beard's tent, fantastic artwork, and the many fans and collectors that we have enjoyed meeting.

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Ed's Daughter Destini poses with the Dragon's Destiny print to which she was the model. Ed's son Dustin was also drawing at the faire! Ed's good friend, Don, from Fairie Tailor - he hand paints beautiful capes!

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Ed's wife Kelly was also in attendance at the faire!     Here Destini was requested by the customer to         autograph the print she was the model for.              Ed shows us that not only can he create the image for the puzzle but he can balance it on his head too!  Time for him to get back to drawing!

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For more information about Sir Edward and his fantasy Art, please visit his home site and online fantasy art store:

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