Welcome to the Enchanted Realm Studio Renaissance Experience

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If you have been to a renaissance faire, then you know the excitement of walking through the front gates, leaving the mundane world behind and entering a time of Kings and Queens, Knights in shining armor, and markets of some of the finest wares in the country.

Here, behind the veil of our every day lives is a place to let go of your troubles, cast aside your apprehension and let your inner wench or rogue out!

There are many renaissance faires throughout the country where you will find Sir Edward Beard. (his title was given to him by one of the reigning royalty of his first faire)  He will usually be found autographing, drawing, painting, sharing his artistry secrets or just chatting with old friends and new alike.

Peruse this site to enter any of the Kingdoms to which Sir Edward has roamed and brought his fantasy art too.   Here are many photographs taken with friends, collectors, art enthusiasts and more.  

Florida Renaissance Festival pictures North Carolina Renaissance Festival pictures Tennessee Renaissance Festival pictures Silverleaf Renaissance Festival pictures

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For more information about Sir Edward and his fantasy Art, please visit his home site:

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