Welcome to the Enchanted Realm Studio at King Richard's Faire

Nestled in the woods of Carver, Massachusetts lies the enchanted realm of King Richard.  Enjoy the pictures below of Sir Edward Beard's shop, fantastic artwork, and the many fans and collectors that we have enjoyed meeting.

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Kelly, Destini and Dustin from 1999 The Horde visits ERS at King Richards Faire. Papa Troll at ERS booth.
Ed's wife, daughter and son, Kelly, Destini and Dustin during the first year of his shop opening at this faire. The well known "Horde" stopped by for a 'friendly' visit. Ed's forever friend, David aka Troll.   He was Ed's manager for many years at the shop until he retired, customers and collectors still ask for him!

Ed at ERS booth.

ERS shop at King Richards Faire

Sir Edward, not just a Threads of Time customer, but a spokesperson as well...wait, isn't that Hair Club for Men? Well, in Ed's case, its definitely the clothing!  (just kidding)

The Enchanted Realm Studio, King Richard's Faire.

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