Welcome to the Art of Ed Beard Jr. and Enchanted Realm Studio

at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Not far from Lake Erie, just a short drive south through quaint towns, past rolling meadows, deep in the forest you will find this enchanting faire.  Once again Ed Beard Jr. and Enchanted Realm Studio will call Great Lakes Renaissance Festival their home during the month of July and into the beginning of August. 

Great Lakes Medieval Faire Destini and Edward Enchanted Realm Studio
The Enchanted Realm tent at Great Lakes Medieval Faire just before the gates opened on the  first weekend. Sir Edward and his lovely daughter, Destini, inside the Enchanted Realm tent. A view of our many products for sale.
Edward and Kelly Mom and Destini Edward painting
Sir Edward and his wife, Kelly. Kelly and Destini posing in front of the tent. Sir Edward had finished part of his large 5 headed dragon while baking in the sun!
Edward demonstrating painting techniques. Dustin and friend.
Here Edward was painting on site in between signing autographs and discussions for art enthusiasts. This is Edward and Kelly's son Dustin.  Dustin and a new friend he made at the faire.  They enjoyed the kids activities at the faire. Hi Destini, she was in the maze for this picture.
The kids Kids goofing
Dustin, Nathan, Destini and Skye. Nate and Skye are long time friends with the Beard family. Okay, now they're just goofing around.  Looks like they got tired of standing and posing for the camera. Here are the parental figures of those silly children. Lori, Rodney (our North Carolina tent salesman), Edward and Kelly.


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