Welcome to the Art of Ed Beard Jr. and Enchanted Realm Studio

at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire

Here we are again in the Geneva, OH area at the beautiful Great Lakes Medieval Faire.  Ed Beard Jr. had his tent in the 'old world' side of the faire where lots of hand crafted items were to be found.  The Art of Ed Beard Jr. and Enchanted Realm Studio now nestle within blacksmiths, glass blowers, leather and clothiers and some of the finest stained glass ever! (our new buddy Ross..which we stayed on his good side.)

This year found Ed Beard and family attending each weekend of the faire and spending lots of time with new friends and old! 

In front of Ed Beard Jr. 's tent is Amanda, Destini and Kelly

Ed Beard Jr. creating hand painted additions to a Dragon Reaper GiClee

Destini and her new best bud, Loki who sold leather. (we heard he is good at underwater basket weaving..who knew?)

Destini showing off her new hat!

Great characters in the parade.

Bob and Marilyn who are Ed Beard Jr.'s biggest fans and now Destini's too!


Arrgg, a Pirate Pup visited the Enchanted Realm!

Kelly and Destini take a moment from sales to pose for the camera!

Destini and her new bud, Mark.  Mark was getting pretty darn good at those Crystal Stix!

Ed Beard and his wife decide to enjoy a ride in the rickshaw! Thanks Cameron!

Another fan of Ed Beard Jr.'s work has made it a permanent addition to his collection!


Kelly and her new harp, maybe next year she will perform in front of the tent..(how about twinkle, twinkle little star!)

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