Welcome to the Enchanted Realm Studio at the Florida Renaissance Festival

In the heart of Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach, Florida is where you will find this 16th Century village.  Enjoy the pictures below of Sir Edward Beard's tent, new images from this past season.  Here are pictures of happy customers, costumed faire goers, other sights from the faire, pictures of the tent and more. 

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A lovely young couple showing off their framed image of Mischievous Doings with hand custom border work on the mat

There are many costumed playtrons that we meet each year, these costumes were amazingly full of detail.

A Turtle with a Puppet Fairy Tale house came by our booth and the Fairy Tale Fairy entertained lots of children.

A view of this year's tent.  Each year it seems that Ed Beard squeezes more into our tent.

The new framed gallery set up.

These ladies from the Unicorn Foundation (non-profit org) stopped by to show Ed a large card they made of his image, thanking him for his generous donations.

In his "spare time" Ed Beard started giving painting classes to enthusiasts at the campground during the faire season.

This is our own Maggie's painting, looking good!

A customer contacted Ed Beard to get permission to have a tattoo done of one of his pieces.  This image is from Ed Beard's "Templar's Bane".



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For more information about Sir Edward and his fantasy Art, please visit his home site and online fantasy art store:

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