Welcome to the Enchanted Realm Studio at the Florida Renaissance Festival

In the heart of Quiet Waters Park, Deerfield Beach, Florida is where you will find this 16th Century village.  Enjoy the pictures below of Sir Edward Beard's tent, new images from this past season.  Here are pictures of happy customers, costumed faire goers, other sights from the faire, pictures of the tent and more. 


Destini in the Enchanted Realm, Art of Ed Beard Jr. tent

Destini, Edward's vocally talented daughter, spent this year's faire season with her dad at the tent each weekend.

Harts bring Ed Beard Jr. cupcakes

Edward's long time fans, collectors and friends, the Harts, figured out the secret to his talent!

Ed Beard Jr. with a Puzzle Collector.

A puzzle collector and fan of Edward's art brought his puzzles to be autographed before framing them.

The Harper and the Minstrel

The Harper and The Minstrel brought incredible musical talent to the crowds in front of Edward's tent.

Ed Beard Jr. airbrushing a chef hat.

Well, there pretty much isn't a surface Ed hasn't painted on now. These unique chef hats proved to be quite a challenge.

Undead Martian Chef Hat.

This hat was an "undead Martian". Of course, what else would you expect in your kitchen?

Ed Beard Jr. and Pirate chef hat.

Arrg, there be pirates cooking some grub now.

Jay and Abby with chef hats.

Abby and Jay, alias The Harper and the Minstrel, won these terrific chef hats!

Destini in front of new tapestry throw Moonsong.

Destini standing by the newest edition of Ed Beard's artwork - the Moonsong Tapestry Throw.

Ed Beard Jr. with Green Man chef hat.

Gee, Jay doesn't quite look this maniacal when he wears this hat?!

This lovely couple, Ross and Tricia. enjoyed the faire this year in their very own special way by having their hand fasting celebrated there!

Carlos, Destini and Will.

No FLARF would be the same without the visits from Carlos and Will! Their friendship is a welcome greeting every season!



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