A Tribute to Faires that Enchanted Realm Studio visited in the Past

There have been many other faires that we have been to that we no longer attend, there are only so many places we can be at once!  We still think of them and stay in touch with many of Ed's collectors!  Enjoy the pictures below of Sir Edward Beard's tent, fantastic artwork, and the many fans and collectors that we have enjoyed meeting.

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images/dustwpuppetnj.jpg (84311 bytes)

Here is Ed's son, Dustin, taking on a Dark Knight, New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom. Ed's daughter, Destini, preparing her defense in battle, New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom. Dustin with a newly purchased Griffin puppet, New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom.

images/daughterroyalcourt.jpg (84537 bytes)

images/earlofmanchester.jpg (76733 bytes)

images/edpaintingnj.jpg (85857 bytes)

Destini, front left, with the Royal Court at Medieval Majesty. Ed's Father being ordained as the "Earl of Manchester" at Medieval Majesty Ed painting as he usually does at his faire appearances, New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom.

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For more information about Sir Edward and his fantasy Art, please visit his home site and online fantasy art store:

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